What is The Best and Worst Foods For Dogs?

You can find practically countless puppy food options available today, alongside several ideas on which is the better dog food out there.

If you are trying to update and enhance your dog’s natural intake, then look at independent writers who are not currently working for almost any one organization. These opinions will are less dishonest and fact based.


The specifics, the higher, providing all of the pros and cons. This subsequently offers to be able to create our option according to specifics, in the place of some advertisers promotions to us.


Once you have identified your selected review, whether it be from an unbiased reviewers’ belief that you simply trust, a professional including your vet, or through a guide such as the excellent Foods Pets Die For, by Ann Martin, you can then can you own opinions. Do your side by side comparison with the pros and cons of every food you are contemplating.

There are 3 groups or types of food to look at Homemade, Commercial, and Raw.

Of course, each of these types is then further divided into their specific subcategories.


Do you have the time and patience to make your dog’s dinner? This would include following a properly balanced diet, making sure you provide all the essential nutrients, vitamins, minerals, protein, carbohydrates, fruits and veggies every day. It becomes easy over time to get into a routine, and once started this is the healthiest choice. You also have 2 methods for the Homemade Food Diet: Cooked or Raw.


The Raw food category is also an excellent choice, and can be considered homemade dog food made easy. It comes ready to feed. You will be giving an unprocessed, fresh diet which will improve you dog’s health, and ultimately give him a longer life. If you choose this category then you can choose raw frozen, raw freeze dried and raw dehydrated.

You can also find pre-mixes (which contain everything but the protein source, you just need to add your own meat), which in effect is the best alternative to homemade.


Finally, the Commercial dog food category is the most difficult to navigate. There are hundreds of companies from small family owned to large corporations producing pet food in a range of quality from the highest human grade to the lowest corn-based food using undesirable ingredients bound together with chemicals. In this category, if this is what you have chosen to feed your dog, you will have to do the most investigating to find good food. Your choices are dry and canned dog food.

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